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Block of the month 2012 - 2013

This quilt will be built over eight months. Each month you will be given another piece of the quilt. For standard quilt blocks you will be given finished dimensions for the block components, but minimal instruction for making them. Use your favorite method for making things like half square triangles, nine patches, etc. or look it up in your favorite quilting book. Finished quilt size will be approximately 45" by 66".

Click here for a blank form for designing
Click for Block 1 and General Instructions
Click for Block 2 Instructions *
Click for Block 3 Instructions *
Click for Block 4 Instructions
Click for Block 5 and 6 Instructions
Click for Block 7 Instructions

Click for Block 8 Instructions


*CORRECTIONS for first version (updated version on links above include these corrections)

Block 2 - "Cut 4 squares at 3 1/4" then cut into HSTs," should read " Cut 4 squares at 3 3/4" then cut into HSTs.". You might even cut to 4" and trim back later.

Block 3 - the piece in the lower right corner of the drawing, which is the last background piece in the cutting list, should be cut to 2.75 x 5. The vertical FINISHED dimension on the center of the drawing should read 2 3/4". Also - IMPORTANT!!! - The dimensions on the drawing of the block are FINISHED dimensions. The dimensions in the cutting instructions are the actual CUT size. That is, THE CUTTING DIMENSIONS INCLUDE SEAM ALLOWANCES, the dimensions on the drawing do not.

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