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Quilt Challenge 2020-2021

Chaired by Julie Krauss and Cheryl Murphy

We have come up with a new and exciting challenge we hope you will all find thought provoking and a lot of fun to create. This year we will enter the "Art Quilt" arena. The challenge is 'Sun and Moon' challenge. Each quilted project must contain at least one of these two design elements or both and one of the design elements should be prominent in the design of the piece. These are design elements, not quilting. However it must be a quilt not tied project. It must contain 3 layers, top, batting, and backing, joined by hand or machine stitching.


● Maximum size 48”x72” or Lap size, Minimum 24” x 24” or similar size.

● NO clothing, purses, mug rugs, table runners, tote bags or bed quilt sizes will be accepted.

● Quilted design only is not an acceptable entry, it must be the main design element and the prominent focus.

● Two entries may be submitted

● Please do not label your quilt at the time of submission

Our June 2021 meeting will be the deadline as usual. This is meant to be a creative and out of the box challenge. Have fun and CREATE!

Challenge 2019-2020 - Chaired by Kyrras Conrad

The theme for the GLHQ 2019–2020 Quilt Guild Challenge was Hearts and Flowers. 

Quilt Challenge 2019-2020 Winners

1st place Julie Krauss

2nd place Ruth McCormick

3rd place Cheryl Murphy

4th place Sandy Kaufman

5th place Aniko Feher



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